Vitus vinifera  {Grape}

Vitus vinifera {Grape}

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Vitis vinifera, or the Grape Vine, is a hardy, woody, deciduous vine with large, hand-shaped leaves producing glorious autumn colour, and the most delicious fruit for eating or winemaking. The vines will need strong support, either a trellis, pergola or horizontal wires to grow along. You can also espalier them against walls, the extra warmth not going amiss. Annual pruning in mid-winter to promote heavy fruiting is vital - prune back to within two buds of the main stem for best results. Cover fruit to discourage birds.

Soil: Grape vines need humus-rich, well-drained but moisture-retentive soil. Alkalinity and/or chalk is often appreciated.
Conditions: A full sun location is vital and some shelter from strong winds helps. Frost hardy.
Size: Height 7m x width 0.5m