Prunus persica Tasty Zee  (Peach)

Prunus persica Tasty Zee (Peach)

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A large, upright deciduous fruiting tree Prunus persica Tasty Zee (Peach) displays one of springtime's great spectacles. The blossoms are produced in profusion, covering the branches with pink, white, and red flowers. In autumn the tree produces medium-sized, juicy fruit with an attractive dark red skin with light red and cream undertones. The tree has long slender deep green leaves which change colour in autumn.

These lovely small trees make a perfect lawn specimen and will require annual pruning once the foliage has dropped in winter. This frost-tolerant fruit tree is an ideal tree for large gardens, food gardens, or as a feature tree.

It grows best in well-draining, humus-rich soil, in a sunny location that is sheltered from the wind. Grows to a height of 4m with a spread of 4m. It can be maintained at 2.5m x 2.5m.