{Plum - a-okay Dwarf}  Prunus domestica

{Plum - a-okay Dwarf} Prunus domestica

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Plum A-Okay (Prunus salicina) is a new release in the Backyard Boosters range. This delicious plum has the highest antioxidants and potential health benefits of any plum available to home gardeners. The tree will produce a large number of delicious dark-skinned plums with dark red flesh. Suitable for eating fresh from the tree or juiced, this prolific cropping tree also features dark burgundy new growth making an attractive statement in the garden. This variety is a freestone and needs a cross-pollinator growing nearby - Mariposa or Narrabeen are suitable for this. Like all produce plants, correct pruning, regular fertilising and watering will result in an abundance of fruit.

Soil: Well-fertilised soil.
Conditions: Full. sun. Frost/cold tolerant to -15C
Size: Height 2-5m x width 2-5