Philotheca myoporoides Winter Rouge  (Eriostemon)

Philotheca myoporoides Winter Rouge (Eriostemon)

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Also known as Eriostemon, or simply Wax Flower, Philotheca Winter Rouge is an attractive small compact shrub. It has highly scented foliage and long-lasting, dainty pale pink star-shaped flowers in late winter to spring. The gorgeous blooms gradually fade to clear white. Philotheca has a naturally bushy habit making it ideal for hedges and borders, and regular pruning will result in more compact growth and even more flowers. The flowers are long-lasting as cut flowers to decorate the home with their colour and fragrance.

Soil: Well-drained, humus-rich soil. A little mulch around the base of the plant will keep the root system cool as well as suppress weeds.
Conditions: Full sun to part shade. Frost, drought and coastal tolerant.
Size: Height 0.80m x width 0.80m