Diploglottis campbellii  {Tucker Bush - Small Leaved Tamarind}

Diploglottis campbellii {Tucker Bush - Small Leaved Tamarind}

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Small-leaved Tamarind is a small, dense native tree that produces large red/orange fruits with a delicious, tangy pulp. In January, sprays of insignificant creamy flowers appear, turning into golf-ball-sized light brown matt fruits in autumn. When ripe, the sheaths split open to reveal shiny bright orange-red edible centres. The bright red flesh is refreshingly tart; recipe favourites include jams, jellies, sauces, fruit chutneys, spreads and coulis. It makes a great accompaniment for cheeses and cold meats. Small-leaved Tamarind is a beautiful ornamental shade tree but may be kept in a pot with regular pruning and care.
Fewer than 150 of these existed in the wild less than two years ago, so plant one and help an endangered species survive.

Soil: Well-drained soil rich in organic matter.
Conditions: Part shade. Prefers tropical climates. Needs a frost-free climate.
Size: Height 7-10m x width 6-8m