Citrus australasica Red  (finger lime)

Citrus australasica Red (finger lime)

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The Finger lime, known as Caviar Lime, is a native Australian citrus that produces delicious and iconic edible fruits. The fruit grows in long slender shapes and is filled with small round red pearly segments that appear like caviar. The taste is an exquisite sweet lime. Finger limes will begin to drop of their own accord, usually between November and March. It’s important to wait until the fruits have matured before harvesting, as this variety will not mature once removed from the branches. The fruit is beautiful in summer drinks and desserts, chutneys, jams and marmalades. Finger limes can be planted in the ground as a beautiful specimen tree or in large pots.

Soil: Plant in composted, well-draining soil. Mulch in spring and keep the soil moist in summer.
Conditions: Will perform best in a warm sheltered spot in full sun. Tolerant of frost and dry conditions.
Size: Height 2m x width 1.5-2m