Atriplex nummularia  {Tucker Bush - Old Man Saltbush}

Atriplex nummularia {Tucker Bush - Old Man Saltbush}

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Old Man Saltbush is a fast-growing shrub commonly used today as a livestock grazing plant. However, both the seeds and leaves are viable bush tucker, with the leaves salty in flavour and rich in protein, antioxidants and minerals. The leaves are an attractive silvery grey and tiny pale flowers appear throughout the year. Old Man Saltbush leaves may be treated like a leafy vegetable, enjoyed blanched, sautéed, wrapped around meat or fish, used in salads, or for stuffing poultry. Alternatively, they may be dried and used as a herb or sprinkle. It may be grown in the ground or kept smaller in pots, if harvested frequently. With regular pruning, it makes a great gap filler or edible hedge.

Soil: Rich, loamy well-drained soil.
Conditions: Full sun to part shade. Drought, salt, windy and coastal tolerant. Frost tender.
Size: Height 2-3m x width 1-2m