Acmena smithii minor Cherry Black PBR

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Acmena Cherry Black is a glorious, fast-growing, evergreen lilly pilly displaying a beautiful contrast of deep cherry red/purple new growth with the dark green older foliage. Clusters of small white blossoms bloom in spring and summer, followed by edible mauve-coloured fruit. The fruits are bird-attracting; providing food for the native animals, and are edible for humans. These berries make a great garden snack, a salad topper, drink topper, or can be made into jams and chutneys. Perfect as a dense screen or hedge, Lilly Pilly Cherry Black responds well to light pruning and tolerates most conditions.

Soil: Well-drained soil with added enrichment. Mulch well after planting and water well in dry weather.
Conditions: Full sun to part shade. Drought, cold, frost and coastal tolerant.
Size: Height 3m x width 2m