Psidium spp. Hawaiian    (Guava)

Psidium spp. Hawaiian (Guava)

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Psidium guajava, commonly known as the Hawaiian Guava, is an edible fruit-bearing evergreen tree with a thick, dense canopy of dull green, leathery leaves with prominent veins. It can take up to four years for guavas to produce fruit. Fruiting time can vary based on the climate, however many varieties are harvested in late spring or autumn. Guavas are ready to eat once the skin changes colour and the fruit has a strong sweet aroma. They are perfect for eating fresh or making jams, smoothies, or desserts. When mature, the canopy can be thinned to allow more light penetration, however it will still fruit well without pruning. Plant them in pots or as shade trees in the garden.

Soil: Fertile soil with decent drainage
Conditions: Full sun
Size: Height 2m-5m x width 3m-4m