Malus domestica x pumila  {Apple - Magnus Summer Surprise PBR}

Malus domestica x pumila {Apple - Magnus Summer Surprise PBR}

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Magnus Summer Surprise is a unique and exciting new apple variety bred right here in Australia. This remarkable tree produces bright, shiny, vibrant rose-red apples with deep-pink/red flesh and sweet, berry-like flavour. These are grafted specimens on a dwarf rootstock for a smaller manageable size and allows the trees to fruit from a young age. Spring blossoms produce a stunning array of deep pink tones. After pollination comes a heavy crop of small red fruits in early to mid-summer. Fruit matures in early-mid summer, making this one of the earliest apples to ripen. Pollinating partners include: Granny Smith, Jonathan, Cox's Orange Pippin, Fuji, Pink Lady, Golden Delicious and Gala

Soil: Well-drained soil.
Conditions: Sunny open positions. Frost and coastal hardy.
Size: Height 2-3m x width 2-3m