Backhousia myrtifolia  {Tucker Bush - Cinnamon Myrtle}

Backhousia myrtifolia {Tucker Bush - Cinnamon Myrtle}

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Cinnamon Myrtle is a native hardwood with leaves emitting a cinnamon fragrance when rubbed or crushed. Its ovate leaves are coloured light, bright green when young and darken with age. To harvest select young, soft leaves and pluck them straight off the branch. Cinnamon Myrtle leaves may be used in place of conventional cinnamon spice to flavour curries, stews, roasts and sauces. In desserts, the leaves add a warm, earthy flavour to pies, biscuits, sweets and pastries. They are used fresh or dried - steeped in hot water - to make a herbal tea. With naturally dense foliage, the Cinnamon Myrtle makes an excellent shade tree or a screen or windbreak.

Soil: Sandy, mildly acidic to mildly alkaline soil.
Conditions: Grows best in full sun but can also thrive under part-shade or full shade. Drought, frost and coastal tolerant.
Size: Height 7m x width 3-4m (expect heights of around 3m in a home garden)