Winter is the time to create a stunning rose garden

"If one symbol represents love power, royalty, beauty, sensuality, and mysticism – it is the rose
Art and Object website 

Winter is the time to buy bare root roses. And yes, we know they look suspiciously like a bunch of sticks, but come summer they will bring forth their mystical power to captivate the senses, calm the mind and soothe the soul.

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Roses are the queen of flowers

Accoding to Art and Object website, the rose, known as "the queen of flowers", dates back to at least the oligocene epoch (about 33 to 23 million years ago) and most likely originated in Southwest China. It hasappeared across cultures since 3000 BCE.

What is a bare rooted rose?

Bare root roses are sold without foliage, flowers or soil

The bare rooted roses of winter bear little resemblence to the glorious, blooms of fairytales and folklore. For those in the know, bare root roses need no explaining. For many though, the idea of a plant without any soil around its roots is a bit of a strange concept.

Bare root is a technique often used for propagating roses and it means the roses are suppliedormant without foliage or flowers. d 

Easier to handle, to plant and to propagate.

Rose bushes go dormant in winter and when they do, they can be removed from the soil and pruned. In this state, the plant can more rapidly adapt to new soil conditions.[1]

And they come with lots of inherent bonuses - they are easier to handle than potted bushes, require minimal care during the winter months, travel well, and are cheap to ship. So, more is more. 

Provided the roots are kept from drying out, bare-rooted roses last well out of the soil, when packaged properly they travel well, and because there is no soil, they can be bundled together in large quantities to significantly lower shipping costs.

Advice from expert rose growers

At Mountain View Nursery, we have partnered with Treloar Roses, Australia’s premier rose grower to provide a superior range of quality bare-rooted roses, available for shipping Australia-wide. 

Treloar knows their roses better than anyone and offer great advice on caring for and planting bare root roses.  They advise removing plants from the packaging as soon as they arrive and soaking the roots in water for 24 hours before planting, to refresh them after travel. [2]

Don't let the roots dry out

Papa Meilland Rose sold as bare rooted stockGardening Australia has a great step-by-step article on planting and caring for your bare root roses. [3] And you can always ask us. The team at Mountain View Nursery is here to help, drop in, call or message us any time for advice on your purchases. 

If for some reason you can't plant your roses out immediabely, Treloar offers and interim solution. 

According to Treloar’s website, “If unable to plant within a reasonable amount of time, you can do what we call 'heeling-in".

Select an open space in the garden, dig one large hole and (after soaking your plants) place all your bundled roses in it and firm down the soil. Water in well. They will keep for several weeks if kept watered.

Shipping roses Australia-wide 

Mountain View Nursery can ship your bare root roses Australia-wide for really reasonable prices.  Spend up to $200 (max 8-10 plants) and pay only $17 shipping. For orders over $200 you'll pay only $22 - so the more you buy, the better the shipping bargain.  Shop our roses collection now.